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Welcome to my blog.

I created after hearing about the now famous blog, 300sandwiches.  300sandwiches is about a woman who is cementing her place in her boyfriend’s heart by making him sandwiches.  When she makes 300 of them, he will marry her.  Whatever you may think of this guy (or girl), it got me thinking about what sort of favor my wife would like on a semi-regular basis; that is, what is her “sandwich”.  What about doing the dishes, I asked.  Or unloading the dishwasher?  No, that’s simply dividing up household chores.  She then suggested that my making her a drink was her “sandwich”.  I laughed.  I’m easy, I said.  I always like a good bourbon, neat with just a single ice cube.  However, whenever I offer to fix her a cocktail, she hesitates and laments.  Like choosing a paint color or an ice cream flavor, she has trouble deciding what to drink.  She does not have a “go to” drink.  That’s when I got the idea for this blog.  Yes, it’s a blatant steal from 300sandwiches, but still, it’s the thought that counts.

I will make (or pour) my lovely wife 300 drinks.  Not all at once, mind you, but every now and again.  The drinks will range from hot, seasonal toddies to summer refreshers.  I will offer her up traditional cocktails (think “Old Fashioned”), to new “designer” cocktails.  I may throw in a wine or champagne drink on occasion.  The idea here is to offer up over the course of a year or more a fine selection of drinks and, perhaps, at the end of the experiment, she will have her “go to” drink.

What do I get in return?  Well, I’m already married to my wife, so I don’t need a proposal.  I do love bourbon, however.  When I am done with the 300 drinks, my wife has offered to take me on a trip to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky!

I will post here the drinks, preferably with photos and recipes where appropriate, along with a short story as to how my wife enjoyed or did not enjoy the choice, and maybe you can bear witness to a narrowing of her favorites and, over time, a sense of who she is by way of the cocktail she drinks.

300 Drinks!  Let’s get started!


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